Drink Slingers

Characters welcome! Our carefully selected crew of alchemists and Chemists keep the party going with their undercover mixology, and loud personalities. They’re here to serve you, listen to you and for some of you, berate you, sedate you but never coddle you.

Boss Alie

Boss Alie

Our one and only HBIC. Experienced bartender and former Stripper, She’s sexy and sassy with the right amount of attitude. She’s always sweet behind the bar and she serves up a huge array of specialty cocktails. She keeps the wheels at The Swallow turning when the owners are away. So don’t stress her out your drinks coming right up.


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Baby Elf

Baby Elf

Everyone’s favorite Spooky girl, Lin is our Hard Swallow Veteran who miraculously survived as a relic from season one. Her mouth is crazy and she’ll cut you down to her size if you get out line so order your drinks and behave or don’t say we didn’t warn you.




Tim No 37

Tim No. 37

Always out of line NEVER Straight! Tim No. 37 is a former TV personality and co-host of Fuse TV’s Uranium with Juliya Chernetsky.  Talking is what Tim is all about if you listen long enough you might get a drink too. Happy hour with Tim is NEVER boring as he hosts each shift with Metal and rock playlists and serves up your buy one get favorites.



Purpler Ali

Purple Ali

Our beautiful moody Purple Ali, Sweeter than sugar, she’s not to be under estimated. Serious drink slinger, well known in the NYC Coney Island Freak Show community and Burlesque scene. She’s poured at many places including Times Scare NYC. She’s fast and on point but she’ll drop her sweet demeanor the second you lose your cool. She drinks Jack fire buy her a shot and you wont regret it.




Sci-Fi the queen of Sci-Fi Sundays at The Hard Swallow Renee gets in honest, following in her families footsteps this woman has bartending in her blood. She’s an astute mixologist and serves up out of this world cocktails every Sunday. From Sci-fi to Horror this girl will impress you with her trivia knowledge and leave you wondering how you got into an argument about Batman vs Iron man at the bar. Fun Times go see Sci-fi



Ms Heather

Ms Heather

Former Bikini Model and active weight trainer Ms Heather brings beauty, strength and Southern charm to the bar. She commands the room every shift she works, she loves to hear your stories and makes a proper Negroni. Whatever you’re looking for you wont be disappointed when this woman serves you.






The newest member of our team, Sarah has yet to earn her nickname but, she’s popular with the regulars and easy on the eyes. This talented fashion diva dreams of making it as a designer originally from LA she quickly becoming a bonafied  transplanted New Yorker. She got looks, brains, personality and she pours a stiff drink what more could you want.