Drink Slingers

Characters welcome! Our carefully selected crew of alchemists and Chemists keep the party going with their undercover mixology, and loud personalities. They’re here to serve you, listen to you and for some of you, berate you, sedate you but never coddle you.




An OG East Village Rock and Roll icon, Storm is either slingin the drinks, drinkin the drinks, or singing her heart out with her band Broken Time Machine. If you don’t know Storm, you don’t know the east village scene. Catch her behind the bar 9pm to close Tuesdays, 2 to 9 pm Thursdays, and 8 am to 2 pm Saturdays!






Hotter than global warming, our Alaska bartends, gogos, and runs a freaky circus show here at The Hard Swallow. Exclusively a tequila and moonshine drinker, this little clown will challenge you to be the absolute best (worst) debaucherous day drinker you can be. See her Wednesdays and Saturdays 2-9, and dancing Fridays 10-3.




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Baby Elf

Baby Elf

Everyone’s favorite Spooky girl, Lin is our Hard Swallow Veteran who miraculously survived as a relic from season one. Her mouth is crazy and she’ll cut you down to her size if you get out line so order your drinks and behave or don’t say we didn’t warn you. Come grab your shots from her 2-9 pm Mondays and Tuesdays, and 9 pm to close on Thursdays!





The perfect little monster, Aurora is serving sass and shots behind our bar like she’s been doing it her whole damn life. She’s slingin drinks from 9 pm to close Sundays, Mondays, and Fridays, get your ass to the bar and show her some love–she’ll be sure to show you just how wild the east village can be.








Sci-Fi the queen of Sci-Fi Sundays at The Hard Swallow Renee gets in honest, following in her families footsteps this woman has bartending in her blood. She’s an astute mixologist and serves up out of this world cocktails every Sunday. From Sci-fi to Horror this girl will impress you with her trivia knowledge and leave you wondering how you got into an argument about Batman vs Iron man at the bar. Fun Times go see Sci-fi Sundays from 3 to 9 pm!



Ms Heather

Ms Heather

Former Bikini Model and active weight trainer Ms Heather brings beauty, strength and Southern charm to the bar. She commands the room every shift she works, she loves to hear your stories and makes a proper Negroni. Whatever you’re looking for you won’t be disappointed when this woman serves you. Reigning behind the bar Wednesdays and Fridays 9 pm to close!




Kay Day


Self crowned Queen Botch, we’re inclined to agree. Singer, drag artist, all around actual rockstar, she can chug a monster, tear you a new one, and pour you a cold one in under 30 seconds without missing a beat. She’ll be bringing the party 2 to 9pm on Fridays and 9pm to close on Saturdays!






Crazy Legs

Crazy Legs Conti

Twisted as his mustache, Crazy Legs is one of our morning bartenders. Don’t sass him too hard–he’s a competitive eating champ from Coney Island, so we think he probably bites pretty hard. He’s been around the East Village for a minute now, and might have a story or two you haven’t heard, so come on through 8 am to 2 pm Monday and Thursday, and 10 am to 3 pm Sundays for some tall tales and whiskey.





An OG east village bar-tender and bar-goer, Milton can be found haunting the bar Wednesday mornings, serving up Bloody Marys and $2 mystery beers. A musician and a scholar he’ll school you on rock’n’roll history, and whether he’s right or not you’ll be enough shots deep to believe whatever he says.