Drink Slingers

Characters welcome! Our carefully selected crew of alchemists and Chemists keep the party going with their undercover mixology, and loud personalities. They’re here to serve you, listen to you and for some of you, berate you, sedate you but never coddle you.



An OG East Village Rock and Roll icon, Storm is either slingin the drinks, drinkin the drinks, or singing her heart out with her band Broken Time Machine. If you don’t know Storm, you don’t know the east village.



Kay Day

She’s our very own super botch! She’s a rockstar on stage and behind the bar–and definitely a comedian too, she’ll serve you drinks and laughs with her raunchy wild sense of humour. 




The queen herself. Nuff said. But really, nobody runs a bar like Sasha–she’ll make you feel at home with a shot and a beer, and read you for filth if you get out of line, and you’ll probably like it. She makes a killer cocktail and even better company! 




Alaska is our sweetheart with a bit of a bite–their drink specialty is shot and a beer, and they’ll serve it to you with a healthy dose of sass. Come find out why they came down to NYC from the great big north–the answer will definitely surprise you.


Ms Heather

Ms Heather

Former Bikini Model and active weight trainer Ms Heather brings beauty, strength and Southern charm to the bar. She commands the room every shift she works, she loves to hear your stories and makes a proper Negroni. Whatever you’re looking for you won’t be disappointed when this woman serves you.





Triple threat over here–he can sling a shot, shoot the shit, and serve you the tea. Mo is our newest addition to the bar, and a long time east village bartender. Apparently they can also play a mean game of pool.